Mewe Built on Trust, Control and Love The best upcoming social network website

December 3, 2020 0 Comments

What is MeWe ?

MeWe is the rapidly growing high integrity social media network platform with all the social features people love along with no ads, no targeting, and no news feed manipulation. This social network own their data and are customers to serve and delight and their data is Not for Sale to advertisers, marketers, or politicians. This social media is built on value of trust, control and love, Mewe is the first product who protects its members with the industry’s first Privacy Bill Of Rights.

No ads, no targeting, NO BS. MeWe is social media done right!

Available in 19 languages worldwide on computers, phone, tablets. MeWe is the uplifting next generation social network with easy to use features. People love to connect with their friends, family and common interest groups, including news feeds for contacts of close friends pages. It provides group chats private and open groups disappearing content stories with a great custom camera with GIF creation live voice and live video also next generation voice messaging along with the personal cloud storage custom group profiles. These features you can not get anywhere else like MeWe’s dual camera and MeWe Journals.

Integral to its platform, MeWe Pages allow stars, artists, musicians, and brands to connect with 100% of their fans in real time, with no interfering advertisements, no news feed manipulation or algorithms, and no need to pay to boost content. That means that every user will see 100% of their page followers and their posts in the order they post them. MeWe provides stars, artists, musicians, and brands with full ownership rights to their content and allows them to promote/monetize in whatever manner they would like to do with their followers.

MeWe members has total control over on their content and data which they share on to Mewe . This is next generation social networking platform whic has no facial recognition and no newsfeed or content manipulation. MeWe members are able to watch every post, chat, comment, etc as they are connected with, in true timeline order made by the members, pages and groups.

My posts are not appearing on my friends timelines.

You can confirm that this post has been sent to your friend by checking in your private chat with this user.
When you post something to another user’s profile that post appears as a direct message to that user.

=> After unblocking a contact, still they are no longer on my contact list.
If you have blocked any contact then that user is automatically removed from your contact list. If you would like to become contacts with that user again, send them a new contact invitation.

=> Can I retrieve a recently deleted account ?
Account deletions are permanent and cannot be recovered. When you delete your MeWe account, all the content that you have shared anywhere on MeWe will be removed forever.

=> Change the email address associated with your Mewe account

  1. Go to your profile photo at the top right corner of your screen
  2. Then go to Settings
  3. Then go My Account
  4. check your current e-mail address
  5. Enter a new email address and select Save

=> Change your Mewe account password

  1. Go to your profile photo at the top right corner of your screen
  2. Then go to Settings
  3. Then go My Account
  4. Click on to the Pencil icon which is next to your current password and create a new password

=> Forgot your Mewe password ?

  1. Open
  2. Member Login on the MeWe signup page
  3. Click on Forgot Password tab ?
  4. Enter your registered email address or registered phone number to reset your password

=> How you can delete your MeWe account ?

  1. Go to Mewe account Settings
  2. Then go to Account
  3. Navigate to see the option to delete your Mewe account
  4. Select Delete My Account

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